We’re on a mission to redefine beauty from the inside out.

For the first time ever, Beautycon is launching a stage that will be solely dedicated to health and wellness! The BWell stage will be a space that celebrates and educates on all things health and wellness: mind, body, and spirit. We believe beauty begins from within, and we are excited to have partnered with Vital Proteins – the collagen brand behind helping consumers everywhere achieve that youthful, natural glow – to bring you the very first wellness-dedicated stage!

Join us on the BWell stage as we dive into total well-being with medical experts, body positivity icons, thought leaders, comedians, researchers, activists, athletes, and health specialists. You won’t want to miss it!

This glow up comes from within.


Dr. Lauren Hazzouri


Nichelle Hines


Megan Pormer


Tess Holliday


Claudia Sulewski


Lauren Elizabeth


Teni Panosian


Morgan Stewart


Lisa Rinna


Kurt Seindensticker

Founder and CEO of Vital Proteins

Shannon Race

Associate Director of Brand Relations

Agapi Stassinopoulos



Sunday, August 11, 2019

1:00 pm

1:45 pm


In a culture powered by likes and retweets, the line between our URL and IRL realities is often blurred. In this thought-provoking panel, we’ll put our phones down to weigh the pros and cons of social media and talk about how to use it as a tool to foster real life connection and change.

Speakers: Claudia Sulewski, Lauren Elizabeth

2:00 pm

2:45 pm


 In a world that demands so much of us, there are few who bring a higher sense of reason to both work and life. Learn how these power players harnessed incredibly personal experiences and transformed them into unique and interconnected universal callings.

Speakers: Teni Penosian, Agapi Stassinopoulos

3:00 pm

3:45 pm


Welcome to an era where moral policing and overwhelming influence demand a strong sense of self. We’re joined by fan favorite Morgan Stewart as she gets honest about getting real. Morgan talks to us about blocking out the noise, trusting yourself, tapping into self-expression, and being open to real feedback. 

Speakers: Morgan Stewart